How To Improve Curb Appeal With Landscaping

3 effective Ways To Improve Curb Appeal With Landscaping

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From Triton Lawn Services

There are many ways to improve the first impression of your home, also known as curb appeal – how your home looks when someone pulls upfront for the first time.

The appearance from the curb has to be both beautiful and inviting. 

That’s where we come in, as we know how to improve curb appeal with landscaping to ensure your home has the best curb appeal in the neighborhood.

So, we’ve pulled together a helpful list of items that can be done with landscaping to give the maximum curb appeal to your home.

1 - Upgrade Your Walkways and Driveways

One of the most important aspects of a home’s curb appeal is the driveway and walkway leading to the front door. Brick pavers are an excellent option to upgrade your current paths and driveway to add a big wow factor to your home.

Pavers come in a variety of shapes, colors, and styles to suit your home’s aesthetic. In addition, walkways and driveways can be installed with many different patterns to add additional visual appeal. And, beyond the visual appeal, a new walkway and driveway can add, it will also increase the resale value of your home due to the investment in higher quality materials.

Not ready to make a big investment to install a new walkway and driveway? Pavers can also be used as a border to your existing walkway or as a short retaining wall to define plant beds at the front of your home.

2 - Give Your Yard The Gift of A Green Lawn

There is nothing more welcoming to create curb appeal than a beautiful, lush, green lawn that is well maintained with regular mowing and edging. If your lawn isn’t as green as you’d like, there are things you can do to improve it.

First, start with fertilizing and pest control to ensure your grass is healthy. However, if your lawn is looking a bit sick, you can choose to reseed your lawn or add sod. Sod creates an “instant lawn” that is beautiful and green if installed and cared for correctly.

3 - Add Color with Flowers

The incorporation of flowers will increase the curb appeal of your home instantly by adding lots of vibrant colors.

We suggest planting both perennials and annuals, as your perennials will continue to bloom each year, but your annuals will only last for a single season. Be sure to balance the types of perennials being mindful of colors to ensure that they will complement each other as well as the color and style of your home. Annuals are perfect for adding a pop of color for a single season.

Remember: Don’t Forget the Porch

If you have a front porch, don’t forget to add pots or hanging baskets with plants or flowers to add additional accessories to make your porch attractive and inviting.

Speaking of inviting, although not directly related to landscaping, adding a sitting area or a porch swing will create a place that is cozy and homey.

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